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Are you an emerging or rising leader? Or an employer seeking growth for your team?

If you, like me, value or desire learning and growth in your work, career, life, relationships, or wellbeing, you are in the right place. Future-proofing the capability and capacity of yourself and, where applicable, your existing or growing workforce.

I am a positive change practitioner with a unique background incorporating Developmental Coaching, Learning & Development, Education, Human Resources, Recruitment, Psychology, and life. 

Core Values: Authenticity, empowerment, trust, work-life balance, making a difference, and wellbeing. 

Character Strengths: Active listening, empathy, honesty, diplomacy, collaboration, focus, intuition, and supportiveness. 

Key Purpose: Having both experienced and observed a large variety of planned and unexpected changes and transitions, personally and professionally, my key purpose is to empower people to model the positive change they wish to see. 

By us co-creating development approaches based on brain and wellbeing science, over time you or team members - at any stage of the employment cycle - can move from functioning to flourishing. Within organisations, such commitment helps lead to sustainable high engagement and optimal performance.

People Development Services

How I coach, consult, and mentor:

Available virtually or in Cambridge NZ and surrounds. I will carry out a complimentary consultation and needs analysis, to then create bespoke solutions to help you to achieve your desires or objectives as an individual, team, or organisation.

I engage clients in coaching, consulting, mentoring, or a combination of these; to ensure a positive and tailored experience for developing people, whether it be one-on-one or in small groups. With or without employer sponsorship.


A collaborative, personalised process that facilitates new thinking to cause positive change. For people to develop and flourish in work, career, and life.


Proactive advice, project work, and training in relation to People Leadership, Talent Acquisition, and HR Development.


Looking for a sounding board with experience in Human Resources Management & Development, and Behaviour Change?

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Start with yourself, to aim high

January 18, 2021
It is increasingly understood that authentic leadership starts with leading ‘self’. Neck & Houghton (2006) define self-leadership as the ability to influence oneself to perform effectively. In broad terms, I equate this to self-leaders combining introspection with being good role models for the ...
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