About Laura Hill PD

Laura is a positive change partner, empowering people and organisations to flourish and shine. She partners with leaders, business owners, executives, managers, professionals, and Human Resource practitioners or others with strategic or operational responsibility for employment matters or HR practices including People Development. 

She co-creates with people who wish to form a partnership to keep optimising the potential of themselves or their organisation for sustainable high performance, engagement, wellbeing, and resilience. This includes sole traders, career changers or relaunchers, SME's, and large employers / sponsors, in the private and public sectors.

Laura’s passion and purpose is about developing people, and empowering both existing and emerging leaders as role models for developing people. 

She does this by coaching, consulting, mentoring, and facilitating the learning and development of personal behaviours (such as coaching habits for leaders) and professional techniques (for example, selecting for high potential using competency-based frameworks).

Laura’s vision is to be a preferred partner of people, including employers, who recognise the value in developing and future-proofing their individual and in-house capability - particularly in relation to leading the resourcing, development, career, wellbeing, resilience, and retention of high performers - to ultimately achieve organisational and personal goals. 

Bio / Experience

My 15+ years multi-sector, international career has incorporated both Learning & Development and Recruitment consultancy, and HR management, development & business partnering. I have directly managed and developed teams, organisation-wide recruitment and training, services, projects, and events. 

I have worked with local government, school, and university leaders; as well as business leaders and owners across most industries. I have designed and facilitated learning and development opportunities for individuals and teams or groups including leaders and board members, non-HR practitioners, and HR or management trainees; ensuring fit with organisational objectives.

I partner with clients to create bespoke solutions; drawing upon research and my own work and life experience, education, and continuous development. I started sole trading, as Laura Hill People Development, in November 2020. This is an extension of my self-employment, following a few years as an independent contractor (Learning & Development Consultant).

I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), having completed Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) with Coaching Pacific Ltd. I was awarded their Executive and Organisational Coaching Certificate in December 2020. I am also a member of both the Cambridge Business Chamber and the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology (NZAPP). I obtained my CIPD-accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management in the UK in 2005. I graduated in 1997 with BSc Hons. Psychology. 

In recent years particularly, I have personally worked on developing more meaning and positive change in relation to my relationships, wellbeing, and work-life balance. Having experienced many major life changes, including chronic health challenges in the past, I am able to serve my clients with unconditional positive regard.

My voluntary experience has included facilitating charity-based parenting education and community-based personal development discussion groups. My interests include acting and hiking. I also balance self-employment with family life. We migrated to New Zealand in 2014, and we love exploring the great outdoors.

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